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Office Furniture

All the furniture used in home and office must be beautiful, secure

and durable, and it is fire resistance and no hazardous material.

Office furniture covers many products group

Furniture for Living

Furniture for Child

Furniture for office

Furniture for Kitchen

Services we are offering:

technical testing of furniture - stability, fatigue durability

electrical and mechanical safety tests

ergonomic and functional tests, assessment

characteristics in use, comparative testing

checking and drawing up instructions for use and product


sensory tests

testing for pollutants, analysis

material and surface testing

hygiene examinations and assessments, e.g. of kitchen and bathroom


testing working life, aging

micro-biological testing and consultancy (e.g. material resistance

to bacteria/mould)

advice and training on product development

QM and EM system consultancy

testing to current international standards (e.g. NEN, Ansi/Bifma)

Textile and Garment

Smart PS

provide full  testing and guidance services covering all textile and

garments,and offer most kinds of testing based on national

and international  standards  like  AATCC,  ASTM,  EN, BS,


Fibre labeling test

Performance test

Care labeling test

Functional fabric test

Colorfastness and dimensional stability test

Flammability test

Construction and composition analysis

Geotextile / geosynthetic material test

Strength and elongation and yarn / fiber test

Ultra Violet protective clothing test

Reaction to Fire

Fire can kill, maim and injure people. It can also seriously

damage buildings, businesses and lives. Products and materials

all react to fire in different ways and we at SMART understand this.

For many years we have been approving not only fire products,

such as, fire alarm and fire detectors but we have been analyzing

and approving the performance of many other products, such as

doors, windows, panels and material used in train

Intumescent Protection for Steelwork

Penetration Sealing Products

Timber Fire Doorsets

Steel Fire Doorsets

Fire Door Hardware (Various)

Fire Resisting Glass and Glazing

Products of Restricted Combustibility

Material used in train

The Service we can offer

Testing: NF16-101 material used in train such as seal, sponge and textile

French standard AFNOR NF16 101 railway rolling stock fire behavior and

choice of material French standard AFNOR NF16 102 railway rolling

stock fire behaviour: material choosing, application for electric system

Construction Product

Manufacture and trade of construction products continue to face a complex

global market place, affected by multiple regulatory systems,

international and national standards and certification requirements.

"construction product" means any product which is produced for

incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works, including

both buildings and civil engineering works.
Essential Requirement

The products must be suitable for construction works which (as a whole

and in their separate parts) are fit for their intended use, account being

taken of economy, and in this connection satisfy the following essential

requirements where the works are subject to regulations containing

such requirements. Such requirements must, subject to normal

maintenance, be satisfied for an economically reasonable working life.

The requirements generally concern actions which are foreseeable.

1.Mechanical resistance and stability
Safety in case of fire   
Hygiene, health and the environment   
Safety in use

5Protection against noise      
Energy economy and heat retention

System of Conformity Attestation of Construction Products
System 1
Approved body does initial type-testing of the product, inspection

and surveillance of factory production control (FPC).
System 1+
Approved body does initial type testing of product, inspection and

surveillance of FPC, and audit testing of samples.
System 2
Approved body does inspection of FPC
System 2+
Approved body does inspection of FPC and continuous surveillance
System 3
Approved body does initial type-testing
System 4
Manufacture does initial type-testing and issue Declaration

of Conformity (DOC)  

Attestation of conformity System







Duty of Manufacture







Initial Type Testing (ITT)

Factory Production Control (FPC)


Duty of Notified Body







Initial Type Testing (ITT)




Factory Production Control (FPC)



Continualsurveillance, Assessment
and approval