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Installation Accessories

If you are a manufacturer of installation accessories,

our testing services may be just the way to increase

your sales and market share. Independent testing by

EUT, for example, is a proven method to improve

buyer confidence in your products. Our independenttesting

services for installation accessories include, but are not

limited to:

Electrical safety testing and certification

Global Conformity Assessment

And some of the installation accessories we test include:

Cord extension sets

Cord sets


Cable reels


Fixed socket-outlets

And many more

Telecom Equipment

At EUT in the United Kingdom  we possess the knowledge, people,

experience, and resources to test and certify an ever-growing range

of telecom products. Our experts remain active in the telecom

industry to keep pace with the industry developments and

changes that affect your business. In addition, our experts

are committed to maintaining product testing and certification

services that are the global

standard of quality and innovation. Our telecom services include:

Electrical safety testing

EMC evaluations

FCC evaluations as a recognized Telecommunication Certification

Body (TCB), designated by the FCC

Global Telecom Approvals Services:

Technical/approval requirements by country,

Liaison/coordination with approval agencies,

Application preparation, and engineering support

And we test a wide range of telecom products, including:

Corded or cordless phones

Fax machines

Caller ID equipment

RF products

And many more

Power Supplies

In the competitive power supplies markets, you need to have

a reliable, fast testing partner with accredited testing laboratories.

The experts EUT in the United Kingdom are well versed

with power supply products and the relevant standards.

As such, we can test your products to a range of standards

for many countries throughout the world. Regardless of

your market of sale, we provide the testing and certification

services you need, including:

Electrical safety testing and certification

Global Conformity Assessment

Some of the power supply products we test include:

AC-DC adaptors

AC-AC adaptors

Power transformers



Battery chargers

Regulated power supplies

Switching power supplies


Nowadays, lighting products do more than simply light dark

areas. As a manufacturer of lighting products, you know that

a competitive business environment has made safety and

performance a big concern for your buyers and, consequently,

for your products. As such, our luminaires experts EUT in the

United Kingdom provide you with a diverse range of electrical

safety and performance testing, and certification services

that help you differentiate your products among your competitors'.

Some of the products our testing & certification services cover

are as follows:

Fixed Lamp

Portable Lamp

Signal Lamp

Christmas Light Chain

Energy Saving Lamp

And many more


Regardless of your product's destination market,ifit'selectronic,

electromagnetic or electromechanical, it must undergo

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing to pinpoint

any harmful electronic emissions and determine its susceptibility

to stray RF. Throughout Intertek's global network, many of our

labs are equipped with the OATS (Outdoor Area Test Sites) and

anechoic chambers, providing you with local EMC testing

capabilities over the world.

For the U.S., your product must comply with Federal

Communications Commission (FCC)

For Canada, your product must follow Industry

Canada (IC) guides

For the EU you need a Declaration of Conformity

For Australia, you need Australian Communications

Authority's (ACA) registration Japan requires VCCI marking.

EUT EMC engineers will enable you to continuously

carry out both pre-compliance and full-compliance testing.

You can also receive help evaluating various technical aspects

of your products in greater detail. For example, specific

customer requirements and/or analysis of any margins for

standard requirement levels regarding emission and immunity.

EUT is equipped with many EMC chambers, both fully-anechoic

and semi-anechoic. For the largest chambers, EUT has a

10-meter test site, which is the requirement in most standards.

EUT also has the resources to perform tests at customer sites,

when that is more appropriate. EUT is a Competent Body according

to the EMC

Directive and a Notified Body according to the Radio & Telecom

Terminal Directive (R&TTE).

An electrical or electro-mechanical product bearing the worldwide

EMC Verification mark issued by Lander or its parent company

signifies that it was tested and meets the minimum requirements

of prescribed electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.